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Dear guests,

due to the Covid-19 pandemic, accommodation for tourist purposes is prohibited until November 30, 2020. Even after that, there may be further restrictions, especially with tourist accommodation and travel. These can also change at short notice. Therefore, please inform yourself whether you can be accommodated for the intended purpose of the trip during the stated booking period.

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Your team from the Hotel Niederrhein


Just think of yourself again and escape from the hectic pace from everyday live. Explore calmness and balance in our wellness centre. After an exhausting day you will find miscellaneous and diversified possibilities to relax. Massages, sauna, cosmetics, spas, tanning booth….. choose from a multiplicity of single appliances or complete daytime arrangements. Indulge yourself and feel the recreation for body and soul.


Explore calmness and balance in our wellness centre


As a matter of course, the Wellness area is not only available for hotel guests. Pedestrians are always welcome!


Reservations are requested until 6:00 pm

Sunday & Monday: day of rest (except for Wellness-Weekends)



Please pay attention to our „happy hour“ offers.




We invite you to a journey around the world…

The World of massages:

  • Classic massages (Sweden)
  • Ayurvedic massages (India)
  • Herb-Stamp massages (East-asia)
  • Lomi Lomi Nui (Hawaii)
  • Hot Stone massages (America)
  • Shiatsu massages (Asia)

Single treatments


Partial body massages

Classic back massage (30 min.) 29,00 €
Classic back massage incl. moor mud package (30 min.) 34,00 €
Head-, neck-, facemassage (30 min.) 29,00 €
Hot Stone back massage (30 min.) 33,00 €
Herb-Stamp back massage (30 min.) 33,00 €
Choocoa back massage (30 min.) 33,00 €



Full body massages

Full body peeling (30 min.) 33,00 €
Classic full body massage (45 min.) 47,00 €
Choocoa full body massage (45 min.) 52,00 €
Lomi Lomi Nui – Hawaiian massage (60 min.) 60,00 €
Herb-Stamp full body massage (60 min.) 60,00 €
Hot Stone full body massage (60 min.) 60,00 €
Shiatsu – full body massage (60 Min.) 60,00 €




SPA area
Bio Sauna, Finnish Sauna, steambath
15,00 €


All „Day-arramgements“ include a fitness salad, softdrinks, the use of the sauna area, towels and bathrobes as a loan.

„Try out“ day
Classic back massage, moor mud package, aroma footbath, head- and facemassage
55,00 €
Relax day
Choocoa full body package, in-depth warmth, classic back massage, head- and facemassage
89,00 €
Men’s Spa Package
Harmonising beer-bath, 1 glas of wheat-beer, cosmetic basic treatment, classic back massage
69,00 €
Sweet seduction
Coffeepeeling, choocoa full body massage, little sweet surprise
89,00 €
Morning Special
Rich breakfast buffet, cosmetic basic treatment or classic back massage
49,00 €
After Work Special (wednesdays until 19.30 h)
Classic back massage, foot and leg massage, escalope dish with a beer
69,00 €
Beauty day
Manicure, pedicure, cosmetic basic treatment
89,00 €
Body & soul day
Classic partial body massage, pedicure, full cosmetic treatment
95,00 €
Anti-stress day
Head- and facemassage, hot stone full body massage, full body peeling
109,00 €



Our gift ideas

Rendezvous day of pampering
2x rose oil full body massage, rose-bath for her, beer-bath for him, 2x full cosmetic treatment, a bottle champagne, one overnight stay in a double bedroom & breakfast buffet for 2 persons
289,00 €
Partner day of pampering
2x choocoa full body massage, 2x glass of sparkling wine, 2x milk & honey bath, 2x cosmetic basic treatment, one overnight stay in a double bedroom & breakfast buffet for 2 persons
245,00 €


Cosmetic treatments


Complete treatments

For all cosmetic treatments we exclusively use professional products from:

Dr. Grandel


„Hyaluron Intense“ – for a tight and firm skin
This treatment conjures a full, tight and unlined skin right away. Your skin appears visibly „bulged“ and is optimally imbued. For all type of skins.
60,00 €
„Anti Age Timeless Treatment“ – for timelessly beautiful skin
Firm contours and a youthfully vibrant look! Allow your skin to indulge in a unique rejuvenating skin care. Our skin is in a state of constant renewal but this process slows down with increasing age; at the same time, external influences also considerably accelerate the natural aging process. As a result, early wrinkles appear and the skin looses elasticity.
70,00 €
„Hydro Active“ – the intelligent moisture care
A fresh, well cared and delicate complexion is part of a youthful appearance. The skin requires plenty of moisture to stay in this condition, and even when we are young a lack of moisture can cause skin to become dry and wan, to feel tight and to form wrinkles.
65,00 €
„Ultra Sensitive“ – for hypersensitive skin
Maximum tolerability, minimum allergy potential
00 €
„Skin Repair“ – for the „ambitious“, mature skin
Skin Repair activates skin’s own lipid-production, and adds moisture for a tender and smooth Skin, which appears much more brightly and keeps it’s tension.
50,00 €
„Dermabalance“ – for impure and dry skin
Dermabalance straightens rough parts, has an antiphlogitic effect, adds a lot of moisture, and becalmes the skin.
50,00 €





Elements of Nature – beatiful by nature

This premium nature-based cosmetic series offers natural care for all types of skin. It is free from preservatives, mineral- and crude oil, paraffins, silicons, colourants and synthetical scents.

Elements of Nature „Anti-Stress“ – for very sensitive skin
This care-treatment gives back the natural balance to your skin. The skin own protective mechanism will be strengthened again, and will be more resistant.
80,00 €
Elements of Nature „Anti-Age“ – for the youthfulness of your skin
Highly effective and very well compatible anti-aging ingredients will slow down the skin-aging process. Skin folds will be straightend smoothly. Your skin will regain it’s youthful charisma
80,00 €
Elements of Nature „Hydro-Soft“ – for poor moisture skins
The skin will be intensely imbued. Natural ingredients like aloe vera, etc. will smoothly effect a fresh, bright complexion to your skin.
80,00 €

Foot care


Shorten and shaping the toenails, nailskin treatment, and callused skin removal

(30 minutes).

For extra effort we have an additional charge of 8 € for each 10 minutes

27,00 €
Nail varnish 5,00 €
French nail varnish 10,00 €
Relaxing foot zone massage (30 Min.) 29,00 €


Also for bleeders and diabetics

Foot care


Erfüllen Sie sich Ihren Traum von verführerischen Wimpern!


Gönnen Sie sich die Originalqualität von


Wimpernverlängerungen werden mit höchster Professionalität, Qualität und Haltbarkeit ausgeführt. Durch die Original-LuxusLashes™ werden Ihre Augen perfekt betont und Wimperntusche gehört der Vergangenheit an!




Absolut natürlich wirkende, synthetische Wimpern werden einzeln, d.h. Wimper für Wimper, an Ihren eigenen Wimpern angebracht. Die von Ihnen ausgewählten Wimpern halten dauerhaft bis zum natürlichen Wechsel der Wimpern.

Traumhafte Dichte, mehr Länge und die perfekte Betonung Ihrer Augen!